Planning a long term stay during COVID ?

We are a family of three who decided to venture out(after unlock 4.0)in September this year during the pandemic and move to the mountains for a long staycation. We traveled by our car, carried our stove and food to avoid any exposure during the road-trip. Also, the route that we took was longer than the usual route. However, it had both our parents’ home and hence we eliminated hotels on the way. We went through the COVID test before starting our trip so that both our parents are safe and also once again before checking in our homestay to keep the guests and host safe.

Here are some pointers to help you plan a long term staycation/workcation :

Look for Offbeat/offseason places :

  1. Look for places not so famous , one that has less tourists during the period you are visiting. 

Carry all the safety and precautionary measures with you :

  1. Carry sanitiser in bulk for both surface and hand.
  2. Masks(washable/disposable for emergency), face shield and gloves
  3. Carry Steamer and continue taking steam at least once a day.
  4. Some immunity boosters like Giloy/Amla juice etc
  5. Eat freshly cooked hot food instead of junk or preserved food.

Look for local homestays instead of hotels :

  1. The number of guests will be limited, mostly not more than 8-10.
  2. The area is comparatively small and can be easily cleaned and sanitised multiple times a day. 
  3. Many homestays ask for COVID negative report from their guests, which makes it even safer for everyone.
  4. Whenever you plan any outing you can plan it amongst the homestay guests. That way the exposure will be minimum.

Look for properties away from the city/town hustle :

  1. You will be away from the market and tourist crowd.
  2. You will think twice before stepping out to visit any touristy spot. 😛
  3. You can go for long walks around the property and hence keep your physical activity levels high.
  4. You can be close to the nature, which will definitely keep you fresh and active. 
  5. Follow social distancing and wear a mask whenever you step out from the homestay.

I hope you find the pointers helpful..

Happy Traveling..

The Seeking Soul..


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