How to Find Volunteering Opportunities in Ladakh

Hello Guys,

“You’re always one decision away from a totally different life.”

That one decision for us happened in Jan 2021, when we decided to leave our jobs and a well settled life in a metro, to work in the mountains. And indeed, it changed us and our lives forever.

We have been staying and working as Volunteer Teachers in Ladakh since July 2021 where we have been in Turtuk – a small and beautiful village in Nubra valley at the Indo-Pak border, then we spent the next couple of months in Leh during winters and then Kargil.

Our primary areas remain in the field of education where we work with students on extra-curricular areas like Personality Development and Communication Skills workshops, Coding Workshops, Career Counselling, Zumba Dance Fitness. With this we also try to work with teachers sometimes in terms of up-skilling with things like Microsoft Excel Training to make their lives and work easier.

During our volunteering stint, we came across many opportunities where either the village people or the principals of the respective schools invited us to work for their students. However, due to time constraints we couldn’t cater to all of them. At the same time, since we vlog about our journey on Youtube and various other social media platforms, we get a lot of requests from people asking how can they volunteer in Ladakh. We realised there is this huge gap between so many opportunities and so many people who are interested to volunteer which needs to be bridged.

Hence, we are making a small and a little crude effort to bridge this gap so that anyone can approach them directly and explore working in any of the places basis their preference and availability. For this we have put up a list where you will find the volunteering opportunities along with Point of Contacts and their mobile numbers as well as any specific requirements.

DistrictVillageSchoolContact NameContact Coordinates Remarks
LehTurtukTurtuk Valley SchoolSarah ShahInsta: sarah_shah_Do fill out the form before contacting – Click here
KargilKargil cityMunshi Habibullah Mission SchoolMunshi Gulzar Hussain
+91 94191 76061A leading private school in the main city of Kargil in the Baroo area
KargilKargil cityREWA Na KascoMunshi Gulzar Hussain
+91 94191 76061A society that works for the Treatment, Education and Rehab of Specially Abled kids. They are in need of Speech Therapist, Special Teachers, Physiotherapists
KargilKargil CityJaffaria Academy of Modern EducationMansoor Sir (Principal)+91 97978 92697A leading private school in the main city of Kargil in the Baroo area
LadakhLadakhProject Parwaaz
insta –
Contact them to volunteer remotely

Disclaimer :

First, we haven’t vetted all of these places and people and not personally vouching for any of them. So if you are contacting any of these, please do so just like you would do on any cold call to a place asking all the questions that you would.

Second, we will try and keep this list updated adding new ones that we come across as well as deleting old ones that don’t exist any more.

Third, we are just acting as facilitators here trying to connect people and are not taking any responsibility for either of the parties. Any good or bad that happens from here is something that is beyond our control.

This is a small feeble attempt to do some good but please ensure you do your due diligence while verifying and selecting the corresponding stakeholder.

I hope you find this information helpful. Keep Exploring and Traveling

The Seeking Soul


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