Found Kindness in a Remote Hamlet of Kargil

Last weekend Me, Sud and our two other friends, planned on going for a hike at the Sapi Lake in Kargil district, Ladakh. We had done our research through some blogs and vlogs hence we decided to do it DIY. The trek takes full one day and hence we decided to leave for Sapi village on a Saturday and start the trek on Sunday morning. So, for staying we saved the contact details of the only homestay in the village. We were too lazy to call in advance and instead decided to contact them once we reach the village.

Sapi La in Ladakh

On the way we asked people the route and also if there would be network in the village – and people said yes. We forgot to ask and they forgot to mention that there will be only BSNL network and none of us were carrying a BSNL SIM card.

So, once we reached the village, we realised there is no network service and since it was late evening we decided not to drive back in search of the network(as the last spot we remember getting notification was Sapi La, that was far away from where we were currently). So, the back up option was a Dak bungalow(It is a Govt. property built during the pre-independence times for the Govt. officials to stay while on duty). The other option was to camp in the open, we were carrying tent, sleeping bags and maggi. However, that would have meant not being able to sleep properly, as it was damn cold due to the drizzling on and off. We asked a couple of locals for the keys and they informed us that the keys are with the Sarpanch(head of the village).

One of the hamlets at Sapi Village

Post a bit of off-Roading, we reached the Sarpanch’s house. As we knocked, the daughter opened the door. We gave a brief introduction about ourselves and told them that we wish to stay the night at the Dak Bungalow. 

Immediately, her response was –  “why don’t you guys stay the night at our home. The Dak Bungalow will be very cold and you not be able to sleep properly.” 

We were a little hesitant and started looking at each other. 

She continued – “You guys are our guests and we being the Sarpanch of the village would like to host you at our own house.” 

We all were speechless on the innocence and kindness of this family. We have spent maximum time of our lives in city and it is not easy for us to trust someone we don’t know, let alone inviting them to stay over at our house.

Family of the Head of the Village in the Traditional Ladakhi Kitchen

We were overwhelmed and accepted their offer, thanking them from the bottom of our hearts. We settled in their living room that was decorated in the traditional Ladakhi way. There were mattress on the floor and coffee tables. Since, it was cold, Nomo le invited us to sit in the kitchen, that was equipped with Bukhari, the traditional fireplace. They offered us tea and some snacks.  During cold weather, a hot drink can give a different level of comfort that can’t be described in words. We then together played Uno(a card game) and after a lot of talking and laughing we offered to help Nomo le and her mother with dinner. We made Chana Dal, rice and a local green leafy vegetable. We had dinner and then the most funny thing happened. We insisted on washing our own utensils, for which Sud and Nomo le argued and tried snatching the dishes from each other for at least 15 mins. She said – “You are our guests and how can we let you wash the utensils.” 

Eventually we gave up.. 🙂 

As we departed to sleep. Nomo le brought a pile of blankets to make our sleep comfortable and peaceful. We conveyed our Thank you once again and said “Good Night”.

Before going to sleep, we were talking amongst each other about – “How magically universe works”. This demonstration of kindness was meant to happen today and hence whatever happened that evening was like blocks falling into place for us to cross a bridge and witness that humanity and kindness still exists in this world. And we have so much gratitude in our hearts for the Universe, in helping us experience the greatness for which humans were created in the first place. 

Woke up so fresh and All set of the Trek

Keep Traveling and Exploring..

The Seeking Soul


2 thoughts on “Found Kindness in a Remote Hamlet of Kargil

  1. It’s when you step out of your comfort zone you realize the kindness of people exceeds expectations

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