Beginner Tips on Sustainable Lifestyle

What does Sustainable living mean?

It means that you reduce the usage of natural resources by incorporating ecofriendly practices and principles. You not only use less but also replace whenever possible. Sustainable living is also famously called “earth harmony living” or “net zero living”.

For me, sustainable living is to honour the nature and reduce my carbon footprint as much as possible. I am a beginner myself and hence thought of sharing a few tips on how you can also start your journey towards adopting a more sustainable lifestyle.

Tip : There are three important principles that will guide you through the process of living a greener life: reduce, recycle and reuse.

Home is the best and the easiest place to start changing your habits that have a negative impact on our planet. However, it can be overwhelming too. So divide your house into sections like kitchen, bedroom, living room, bathroom and start tackling them one by one. I have listed some changes that I have made in my life, you can start by these and then keep progressing towards your own version of a sustainable lifestyle.


1. Replace paper towels by fabric napkins or cutting an old fabric into desired shape and size.

2. The discarded water from your water purifier can be stored into a bucket and used for utensils washing and mopping the floor.

3. Glass-jars/bottles of jams, sauces, milkshakes can be reused to store food items in your kitchen.

4. Invest in stainless steel instead of plastic/Tupperware boxes. However, if you already have plastic boxes in your kitchen, don’t just throw them rather use them until they break.

5. Always carry a reusable shopping bag to avoid unnecessary plastic bags when buying fruits and vegetables from the market.


1. Switch to Bamboo tooth brush instead of the plastic ones.

2. Use bucket to take bath instead of shower to save water.

3. Switch to mentrual cups/reusable pads/period underwear instead of using sanitary pads or tampons as they take hundreds of years to decompose.

4. Use washable cotton pads for removing make-up and nail polish.


1. Use public transport or carpooling to reduce the use of fuel plus it is more economical too.

2. While stepping out of your house always carry a water bottle to avoid buying plastic mineral water bottles.

3. While traveling carry a reusable coffee mug and a tiffin box with you, for takeaways and storing extra food. Also carry a set of reusable bamboo or stainless steel cutlery including a straw.

Sustainable living is not only beneficial for us but also for our future generations. The points that I have listed above are just the tip of the iceberg, there are infinite ways you can bring your life more in harmony with our mother nature. So start small but start now..

Happy Reading..

The Seeking Soul..


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