Travel Responsibly

For the last couple of years we have adopted responsible traveling through many ways. However, the time we spent in the mountains was a major eye opener as a lot of things that can be done quickly and efficiently in the cities are far more complex in the mountains.  Now, keeping that in mind I … More Travel Responsibly

My Miraculous Moment at the Vashisth Temple in Manali

The Vashisth temple is a 4000 year old temple dedicated to the sage Vashisth. The temple also has a hot water pool called the Kund, which is said to be medicinal in nature as it is high in sulphur. People with skin infections and diseases have experienced the healing properties in the water. The pool … More My Miraculous Moment at the Vashisth Temple in Manali

Hang in there !!

Have you ever felt so weak and broken that you had no courage to get out of your bed or leave the house. The thought of facing people brought chills down your spine. The fear of seeing someone close might burst the dam to your repressed emotions and you may break into tears. And well … More Hang in there !!