A walk down the Tyakshi Village

Tyakshi village takes you to a different era. The way Turtuk is modernised with respect to the infrastructure and people. Tyakshi village is still evolving and hence you get to see an even more raw version of Baltistan and the local culture. 

You can park your vehicle at the parking area and then you have to walk. There is a cement path nicely paved for the tourists to take a walk around the village. On the way you will see many kids chilling and playing and are likely to ask you for chocolates. 

Our Vlog on Tyakshi Village

Flour Mill

The village has a local flour mill that works on Hydel energy generated through the flowing mountain stream. Though not a lot of villagers use it these days as households have pooled in money and bought a more modern flour mill or Atta chakki(in Hindi), which they use post the harvesting season of wheat. There are also people who prefer buying flour directly from the couple of retails shops in the village. However, the traditional flour mill is a big tourist attraction. 

School Building Partially Constructed by Pakistan and Completed by India

The part of the school built by Pakistan Government

At the other end of the village you will see a school that was half built by Pakistan in 1970 and then Indian government finished the other half in 1973. The kids who studied in this school before 1971 were later given jobs by the Indian government. Also the view from this spot is breathtaking. You can see the 0 RD (a single road that use to connect villages like Turtuk, Tyakshi, Thang to Skardu in Pakistan), you can see the last village Thang and the spectacular sight of the Karakoram part of Himalayas.

Indo-Pak Border View cafe

Earlier when the access to the last village(Thang) was no allowed, this was the best view you could get of the border.

You get a clear and a close view of the mountain which is half with India and half with Pakistan. There are binoculars at the cafe that you can use to see the army posts on both the sides of the mountain. Something I would definitely recommend is to be at this place during sunset, as the rays of the setting sun falling on the tall mountains makes them glow orange in colour and it was truly the most amazing sunset I have ever seen. You can enjoy the usual maggi and tea at the cafe and also try take pictures in the local Baltistan traditional outfit available at the cafe.

Me and Sudhanshu wearing Traditional Balti dress

** Villages like Turtuk, Tyakshi and Thang have suddenly seen the blast in the amount of tourists that have started coming to these places in last couple of years. They have no choice but to make adjustments to get use to seeing so much crowd and at the same time accommodating so many people in their villages on a daily basis. No doubt this has worked as a blessing for a lot of households that make their living through cafes, homestays or taxi drivers. However, a segment of people, specially kids are suffering the drawbacks of this blessing. Some tourists see these villagers as poor and in return of a picture they offer the kids chocolates and sometimes even money. Because of which kids have discovered a new way to raise money and eat junk food like chips, maggi(raw), soft drinks etc. everyday. I think we as responsible tourists must not encourage this behaviour.

There is so much more to this village than these tourist spots. It’s the people, it’s the simplicity with which they lead their lives and accept and welcome outsiders like us to witness this little miracle with open arms.

Happy Traveling..

The Seeking Soul..


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