My Miraculous Moment at the Vashisth Temple in Manali

The Vashisth temple is a 4000 year old temple dedicated to the sage Vashisth. The temple also has a hot water pool called the Kund, which is said to be medicinal in nature as it is high in sulphur. People with skin infections and diseases have experienced the healing properties in the water. The pool is also used by the villagers as a common public bath. It became a daily ritual for the three of us; Me, Aditi(host at the homestay Outside-in where we stayed for a month) and Tanush(another guest) to wake up early in the morning, hike up to the temple to take a dip and then sip a delicious hot cup of tea, at a different tea-stall everyday. This ritual was one of the best parts about our stay in the mountains where i was staying at such close proximity to the Vashisht kund and was literally taking my everyday bath in it. A dip in the kund is like a magical episode which refreshes you from within, not just body but also soul. The vibe of the kund was such that the everyday, the moment I would enter the water I could feel the rush of energy surrounding my body, mind and soul. I felt a deep calm and rejuvenated after every bath.

During one such episodes (I think it was my second day in the kund), I sat in the kund and closed my eyes, trying to focus my mind on the energy traveling across my body. I couldn’t help but wonder, I was sitting at a place where all the 5 elements of nature had converged. The Water from the Earth, hot due to the Fire in the core flowing through the open Sky and with Wind gushing through my hair. I felt touched by a miracle.

I saw a lot of tourists coming and dipping their feet in the water. The primary reason is the the water is very very hot and would generally scare you in the first touch. However, once you get used to the warmth it has to offer, its a different experience altogether. I would highly recommend that you must take bath to fully experience what the place has to offer.

One can also cover Jogini Temple and waterfall on the same day from the Vashisth Temple. It is a 2.5 km trek that goes through the village and lush green forest. You will first come across the Jogini mata temple which also acts as the base camp for the waterfall trek. From the temple the trek gets little difficult as there are stairs the halfway followed by a forest trail. Once you reach the waterfall, be prepared to get amazed by the beauty of it. If its sunny you can witness the miraculous rainbow at the base of the fall, which is breathtaking.

I hope you find my experience helpful in planning your own trip to Vashisth.

Happy Traveling..

The Seeking Soul


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