Road-Tripping with Pet in India

A few pointers if you are planning to take your four legged kid on a cross country road-trip.

We took a very courageous call of driving down from Bangalore to Himachal.. it made things a bit more complicated as we had Star along with us. It took a good amount of planning and preparation for this adventure ride.

Here are some tips :

1. Vet visit
a. The most important thing is to visit a vet, preferably someone who knows your pet. Inform the doctor about your trip and exactly how many days you will be driving and if it is mountains do mention the altitude. On this the vet will prescribe you the medicines that are compulsory and also the ones optional basis any symptoms.
b. Check the vaccine record and in case there is any vaccination due make sure you save the location of the nearest veterinary hospital from where you will be staying.

2. Food
a. Star doesn’t eat anything in the car except biscuits. So we checked with his Vet, if we can feed him a few biscuits throughout the day. On which the doc said yes, 10-12 biscuits(preferably Marie or less sweeter ones)are absolutely alright.
b. We feed his last meal minimum 2 hours before we start the drive, usually something light.
c. We carry a specific water bottle for star that has a bowl kind of thing on the top, which makes it easier for him to drink. Message me for the link.
d. Treats : carry some treats and feed it to them upon arrival. Since Star takes little time to settle and start eating the usual food. We give him calcium bone or some treats so that he is not empty stomach.

3. Toys: Do carry some of their toys that they love to play with. It keeps them entertained and busy at the new place.

4. Familiar place to sleep: Familiar bed sheet, cushion or blanket will help in relaxing your pet at an unfamiliar place or even in the car. We use the same bedding on his seat in the car so that’s he feels cozy and less anxious.

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Happy Traveling 🐶❤️

The Seeking Soul..


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