Fitness – Futility or usefulness

Why is fitness always related to weight loss? Why is it in India people take gym memberships or enrol themselves into any others fitness formats just to lose weight ? Why is it so that only when someone comments “you have put on” we think of joining a gym ?Why eating healthy is always taken as a crash diet ? Why so many lifestyle diseases are making India as their capital?

Well all this will change only if we change the outlook towards Fit and healthy living.. .

Its high time that you listen to what your body needs. A human body needs some physical exercise and a healthy diet on a regular basis.

There is no one general exercise program that fits all. Workout routines must be tailored according to the physique and capabilities of the individuals. So next time you want to workout don’t blindly pick up dumb bells and start doing the bicep curls. Its really important to join a gym that offers various programs based upon your body. We will cover various workout programs in the following section. Please make sure that you perform these workouts under the guidance of a licensed instructor.

A. Endurance (also known as aerobic exercise)

These activities work on increasing your breathing and heart rate which keeps you healthy, improves your fitness levels basically helps in doing your daily activities. They work upon your heart, lungs and circulatory system. They also prevent or delay diseases like diabetes, blood pressure etc. Examples for the endurance exercises are jogging, running, swimming, cycling, cardio dance(Zumba) etc.

Some tips on the endurance training :

  1.  Do a little warm up and a proper cool down before and after any endurance activity respectively.
  2.  You tend to sweat a lot during these exercises hence it is advisable that you drink enough water in the beginning, during and after the workout.
  3.  Surrounding safety must be kept in consideration if you are planning to do outdoor exercises.

How often these exercises must be done ?  At least 3-5 days in a week. It is important that you build up your endurance slowly if you have not been active for a long time.

B. Strength

You need to push or lift weight to strengthen your muscles. Strong muscles make your day to day functions easier for example climbing stairs, carrying shopping bags etc. It also helps in improving your body balance. You can use dumbbells, resistance band, kettle bells, machines etc to strengthen your muscles.

Some tips on the strength exercise :

  1. Consult your physician if you have been through any surgery in the past like knee, hip etc.
  2. Keep your breathing normal while doing strengthening exercises, that will keep your blood pressure under control. Breathe out when you push or lift and breathe in when you relax.
  3. Don’t jerk or thrust to avoid an injury.

How often these exercises must be done ? 2 or more days in a week. Start with less or no weight at all and then gradually increase the weight.

C. Balance

Balancing exercises help in avoiding fall that may further cause injuries. People claim that they fell just because they lost balance which further resulted in an injury.

Some tips on the Balance exercise:

  1. Take support of a wall, pillar, chair or a person if you feel unsteady.
  2. Consult your doctor if you are unsure of doing any balance exercise.
  3. Challenge yourself and gradually decrease the support to keep yourself steady.

How often these exercises must be done ? Balance exercise can be done almost anytime, anywhere and as often as you like.

D. Flexibility/ Stretching

Flexibility or stretching exercises gives you freedom of movement which is required in your day to day activities. These exercises increase your flexibility but they don’t improve your endurance and strength.

Tips on the Flexibility/ Stretching exercises :

  1. Consult your doctor in case of any surgery in past.
  2. Don’t forget to do a warm up before you do stretching exercises. As stretching before warming up your muscles will result in injuries.
  3. Continue breathing normally while you hold a stretch.
  4. The stretch should always be smooth and steady avoid any kind of bounce or jerk.
  5. Keep your joints soft avoid locking them.

How often these exercises must be done ?  3 to 5 times a week. Do it as far as possible without experiencing any pain. Hold any stretch for 20-30 seconds and continue normal breathing.

I hope the above tips and tricks are helpful…

Stay Healthy

The Seeking Soul..


One thought on “Fitness – Futility or usefulness

  1. Thtz right… Aerobics, Gyming, Zumba or even swimming is not to put on weight or lose weight it’s all about staying fit, having a flexible body, intensifying energy, increasing your strength and ofcourse building a healthy immune system. It’s all about looking good and feel good!

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